Friday, July 1, 2016

Unexpected Periodic Cicada Emergence in PA - June 18, 2016

Magicicada septendecim Emergence

A surprise emergence at Lehigh Gorge State Park and surrounding area brought researchers and cicada enthusiasts to Jim Thorpe, PA to map and observe the emergence. It was reported by experts that this may be a disjunct brood from Brood XIV and not part of Brood V, which was emerging at the same time in other states. Hopefully the puzzle will be solved in the future by the experts. 

Magicicada septendecim female

Magicicada septendecim male

Magicicada septendecim feeding on Xylem

Male and Female Magicicada septendecims mating

Magicicada septendecim female laying eggs in this tree branch

Magicicada septendecim female ovapositing

What to look for on tree branches after ovapositing by females

The eggs within the branch

Magicicada septendecim eggs compared to a quarter

Sometimes the end of the branch will break if there are too many females ovapositing in the same branch

Two Cicada researchers/enthusiasts - Elias Bonaros and Marten Edwards

Two females ovapositing

Many male Magicicada septendecims gathered together on this tree and created a chorusing center.

This tree is showing a lot of flagging by the female Magicicadas.

Dan from Cicadamania, Marten Edwards and Elias Bonaros

Two females were found with the Massospora Fungus. This is an STD in cicadas that is passed on during mating.

The town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Magicicada septendecim Videos from Jim Thorpe, PA

More Videos at My Youtube Channel!

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