Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Brood V LI Nymph Emergence - June 7, 2016


Nymph Emergence

Wading River, New York

This female Magicicada septendecim Nymph was found in Wildwood State Park making its way up a tree trunk to emerge. Below are a series of photos of the nymphs emergence.Thanks goes to Elias Bonaros for his good eye in finding this one nymph in a forest full of trees and bushes!

The nymph secures itself to the leave to ready itself to emerge from its exoskeleton.

The back of the nymphs exoskeleton splits open to start the process of emergence.

The nymph hangs upside down for a short period of time so that its legs can harden so it can support its body weight.

While hanging upside down the nymphs wings begin to inflate.

When the nymphs legs harden enough it does a sit-up and grabs onto its exoskeleton.

It then pulls out the bottom part of its body.
It continues to hang from its exoskeleton to inflate its wings.

After the wings are fully inflated the nymph brings them in closer to its body.

As the nymphs exoskeleton hardens if becomes darker.

The next day the nymphs exoskeleton is fully hardened and her adult colors have developed.

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